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Personal Branding Corner: Lessons Learned From Brand “Republican”- How Do You Block The Success of Your Brand?

[Author note:  Look forward to meeting many of you in Dallas this week at the ABA Mid-Year meeting!]

The term "brand" is usually related to food, cars  and clothing.  It has been our job (and an uphill one at that!) to show companies and business owners that branding applies to people as well.  However, much to our pleasure these days, the term "brand" is used much more widely and commonly with respect to people and groups.

Just recently, Louisiana Republican Governor Bobby Jindal delivered his party's formal response to Obama's vision for this country.  In his response, Jindal said, "We had a number of Republicans damage the [Republican] brand this year with offensive and bizarre comments."  Jindal was referring to self-sabotage in sending a brand off-course.  Self-sabotage is sadly a common characteristic of the human race.  We would like to deny it as much as possible, but we cannot.  In the personal branding world, we see self-sabotage play out daily.  We don't even know we are blocking our personal brand success until it is often too late. Even then, we may not want to believe it is our fault.

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