Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: “Self”-ish or Selfish? What’s Your Personal Brand in 2014?

I've been thinking a lot about the word, "self" and in particular, how people perceive themselves and others in relation to the word, "selfish".  All of this inquiry leads to the conclusion that people with a strong sense of self have strong personal brands.   By a strong sense of self, I am referring to being able to love themselves, express their authentic selves and bring this notion to their work and careers with ease and grace.  This equals one fantastic personal brand.

Often when people call us "selfish" it is because they can't value the healthy boundaries we've established. Likely, they also don't have good boundaries themselves.  That's why saying "no" or establishing any other type of boundary with them makes them feel unloved and rejected and thus, they call us selfish.

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