Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner:  What Does Your Brain Have To Do With Your Brand?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a neuroscientist!  I am far from it.  However, what I am is an avid student of what makes people tick.  In many ways, I started my company based on my fascination with why some lawyers had an effective personal brand and career, and others did not.  That led to my exploration of the brain and mindset of successful personal brands.

Many of my clients have such an interest as well. Others just want to have their work with us re-affirmed somehow.   That's where I turn to my friend and UCLAprofessor, Dario Nardo.  Dario company is Radiance House.  He travels internationally speaking on the subject of the brain and all things brain.  Here's what Dario has taught me (the layman's version):   Click HERE to read rest.


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