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Personal Branding Corner:  What Makes Up A Good First Impression?

In my line of work, we are always studying perception value: that of clients', their target market, the public's, etc.  We do this in an effort to be able to accurately gauge, and thus control that almighty first impression. You know the moment, even if you want to try and forget some of the not-s0-good ones you've had.  It's all about when you first notice someone- from across the crowded networking room or at a meeting.  Do they "sit" well with you or not?  Do you "like" them or not?  Do they look smart and credible or not?

So what exactly equals a good first impression?   Is it something we can quantify somehow so we can recreate the success formula over and over again- or at least know when we don't see it?

A litigator was recently lamenting to me about a jury trial she was involved with.

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