Katy Goshtasbi

Personal Branding Corner: Is Your Personal Brand Lopsided?

We've all heard people referred to as "technicians" of their craft/ job/career/business/profession.  Sometimes people call it an "expert".  But what does it mean to be a "technician" and is it the same as an "expert"?

In my personal branding opinion, they are not the same. In fact, I encourage you all to be an expert IN ADDITION to being a technician.

I often find clients come to us because they are suffering from being a really good technician.  All they know is their substantive work.  They are really good lawyers, CEOs, senior management, CPAs, doctors, dentists, engineers, etc.  By the time they get to me, they realize that something is missing. While they are really good at WHAT they do for a living, they are usually not happy, not promotable, not memorable, not liked, not prosperous if they are running a business, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Want to know why?

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