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Hello and welcome to Ms. JD Pre-Law!

Our goal is to serve as a resource to, and build a supportive community of, pre-law women around the country. Whether you're a college freshman just starting to develop an interest in the legal profession, or if you already know that you're going to law school this Fall—we have something for you!

In addition to organizing in-person events, we also regularly post interviews and other articles on the wider Ms. JD blog. The list below serves as a helpful index to many of the Ms. JD Pre-Law articles. I will be updating the list below as we post new items on the Ms. JD blog, so be sure to bookmark this page (!

I am thrilled to serve the Ms. JD Pre-Law community. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Genevieve Antono

Pre-Law Program Director

Ms. JD


Table of Contents

Last Updated: 09/09/2017

1. From the Pre-Law Directors

1.2 Interviews with Pre-Law Students/Graduates
1.3 #MsJDPreLaw
1.4 Previous Interviews conducted by Ani Torossian (Ms. JD Pre-Law Program Director 2015-2017)
1.5 Resources collected by Laura Bladow (Ms. JD Programs Manager 2013-2015)
1.6 Selection of pre-law blog posts from Laura Bladow (see her Profile for a complete list):


2. Pre-Law Events and Opportunities

2.1 New York City Bar "Launching Your Career" Seminar Series 2017


3. Selected Pre-Law Articles from around the Ms. JD blog

3.1 Pre-Law F.A.Q.'s
3.2 Interviews
3.3 Thinking about Law School
3.4 Pre-Law Job/Internship Search
3.5 Pre-Law Life
3.6 LSAT
3.7 Personal Statement
3.8 Recommendation Letters


4. External/Third-Party Resources



Genevieve Antono is Ms. JD's Pre-Law Program Director. She is passionate about diversity, mentorship and women's leadership in the legal profession, and is excited to serve the pre-law members of Ms. JD's community. Genevieve volunteers with Ms. JD in her personal capacity. The opinions expressed in her posts are her own (and opinions expressed in links their own), and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer.


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