Programming Preview:  Student Leadership at Ms. JD’s 4th Annual Conference

Ms. JD's 4th Annual Conference on Women in Law: Stand Up! Stand Out! is fast approaching (ahem, register today!).  One thing I'm really excited about is our Student Leadership Summit on Saturday, April 2nd. After the attorneys all go home, the law student will stick around for a full day of workshops and organizing.

The morning will kick off with Lisa Horowitz's Career Strategy Session. More info on that here.

Then, Ms. JD big-thinkers Noorain Khan and Katie Mattesich will be presenting the results of a year-long survey of student leadership best practices. These ladies have collected information from student groups around the nation - both NWLSO chapters and other student organizations. The result is a comprehensive manual for effective student leadership. This will be presented and distributed to all those present.

Here's the best part: The last hours of the day will be devoted to NWLSO organizing. So you start with your personal strategy session. You learn about organizational strategy. Then hopefully you put it all together to build a national organization that's not only effective and ambitious but an important part of your professional development as well!

So for example, maybe in the morning you realize you need to get more legal writing, so in the afternoon you join the NWLSO research team and get a byline on Ms. JD's next publication. Or maybe in the morning you realize you need better connections in a certain field in a certain city, so in the afternoon you join the NWLSO events committee and help recruit speakers on that topic for a future Ms. JD event. Perhaps in the morning you realize you need to learn more about a certain practice area before you decide what field to pursue so in the afternoon you team up with the NWLSO blog content folks and spend the next few months interviewing attorneys in that field for the blog. Point is - the day is going to be awesome and you're all going to leave super motivated.

So register today! Space for students is filling up fast.

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