Q & A with Managing Partner Brigid Higgins

Brigid Higgins, Managing Shareholder, Gordon Silver, rose from associate to managing partner in less than ten years.

In her interview with In Business Las Vegas, Higgins discusses what is like to be a female managing parter, how she balances her duties, and how she made such a rapid rise to the top. She also gives some advice to new lawyers:

For new lawyers, I think - and this goes to the issue of the influx of regional and national law firms in the area - one of the things I think that's gotten lost since I started practicing law is that being a lawyer is a career. I don't believe it's just a job.

My advice to new attorneys would be to treat your practice of law as a career and to look longer term. I think that as regional and national law firms came into the area one of the big impacts was the increase in associate salaries. I think that's very enticing to a young lawyer with a lot of student loans to pay off. But they need to look longer term as to where opportunities are and where they can make a legal career. Most of our partners have been here their whole careers and that says something about the firm. And that's the way I think young people should treat their careers. There's more to a career than moving from firm to firm to chase the dollar.

Check out the rest of her interview here.

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