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Sheryl Sandberg recently released her new book,  Lean In, which she describes as  "sort of a feminist manifesto."  Sandberg was named the fifth most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine.  She currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Facebook.

On a recent Ms. JD Board call, we, the Ms. JD Board, decided to read this book in a book-club fashion, so that we can discuss it during our upcoming retreat in Austin, Texas.  We want to also invite our wonderful blog readers, volunteers, and program participants to join our "book-club" by picking up a copy of Lean In and reading along with us!

We would love to open up a discussion about this book, and we welcome your blog posts with your reviews, general thoughts, and questions on Lean In. 

Happy reading!



I’m so excited about this!  Looking forward to our conversation about this book and the movement.


I’m halfway through the book and I can see why its controversial for some people. Its interesting because a lot of concepts aren’t new (maybe its because she’s basically re-hashing a bunch of theories most MBAs learn in leadership courses?) but her status is definitely helping to push these somewhat underground ideas and theories into the mainstream. I’m looking forward to our conversation too!


I never buy paper books anymore but I ordered this in hard copy.  I can’t wait to read it.  Yesterday, I stumbled upon the Oprah interviews with her and Justice Sotomayer on the OWN network and loved them both.


Can’t wait to start reading it.


This article:


I’m just beginning to read Lean In so I’m not likely as up to speed on this as I could be.  However, I think this is an interesting rebuttal to “Lien in” but I think this woman is not likely the target audience for SS’s book.  In fact, I think, to flip things around, SS might be terribly disappointed in this woman’s take on things and ask her to reconsider her outlook.   <span id=“_mce_start”  0; display: none;”></span><span id=“_mce_start”  0; display: none;”></span> <span id=“_mce_start”  0; display: none;”><span id=“_mce_start”  0; display: none;”></span></span>
<span 0; display: none;”><span 0; display: none;”>Seems this writer is, purportedly, perfectly content with where she is in her career and is at the end of her ambition rope.  Clearly, Sheryl’s book isn’t written for women who have already gotten to the top of their field and can’t or won’t go any higher.  It isn’t written for CEOs of major companies or for stay at home moms.  It’s written, so it seems, for women in the beginning or middle of their careers.</span></span>

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