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As described in prior Ms. JD blog posts (found here and here), I am coordinating and facilitating a very unique book discussion group for women lawyers this summer. We had a tremendous positive response to the call for applications to join this discussion group, from which we have assembled a remarkable group of women lawyers of varying generations and diverse backgrounds and experience that is ready to begin reading and meeting to discuss Lean In.

Although this particular program is oversubscribed and designed for in-person meetings in San Francisco, we would like to engage the many women lawyers out there who would like to read along with us. Thus, we plan to share some of our insights and reflections with all through the Ms. JD blog. We not only welcome, but in fact encourage you to participate by reading along and posting comments to the discussion group’s Ms. JD blog posts. Our discussion schedule is as follows:

  1. Wednesday, 6/1/16: Discussion of Introduction and Chapter 1
  2. Wednesday, 6/22/16: Discussion of Chapters 2-4
  3. Friday, 7/15/16: Discussion of Chapters 5-7
  4. Wednesday, 8/3/16: Discussion of Chapters 8-9
  5. Wednesday, 8/24/16: Discussion of Chapters 10-11

Let's all look forward to the insight we can gain from the book, but more importantly, the insight we can gain from ourselves and each other. Happy reading!


Neha Sampat is founder, consultant, and coach at GenLead, where she focuses on inclusion, leadership, and professional development. She received her JD from UC Berkeley School of Law, after which she practiced technology licensing and education law and later served as Dean of Students and Adjunct Professor of Law & Leadership at Golden Gate University. She brings to GenLead vast experience supporting and supervising thousands of diverse students and staff and also successfully collaborating with stakeholders of varying backgrounds.

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Julie Cummings

This sounds like so much fun. I look forward to reading in your blogposts some of the insights your Lean In group has.


Thanks, Julie! It is great fun. We have a remarkable group of women participating in the group, and I hope we’ll have additional remarkable women engaging through the blog. Speaking of which, I just posted two blogposts on our first session. Check them out! We all would love to benefit from your perspectives.

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