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Ms. Gail Cutter recently wrote a piece for the New York Law Journal/nylawyer.com called Career Coach: The Myths Of Ms. JD which I hope you will take a moment to read if you have not done so already. Ms. Cutter has eloquently put into words the reality of diversity initiatives in the legal profession - and the need to keep pushing rather than resigning ourselves to the "issue fatigue" that is blocking meaningful progress in many areas. We can't affect change without first admitting that what we're doing may not be enough. It is one thing to implement a program or draft an initiative - but there has to be substance behind these efforts. I for one am pleased to see the myths laid out in Ms. Cutter's article because they remind me that for all of the individuals who think we're just whining, there are those that see the bleak reality behind our words - there is work to be done, let's get to it.



Sounds like an article I'd like to read, but the website requires a pretty invasive registration.  Perhaps there are good quotes?

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