Referrals: Your Fast Track Pass

Everyone knows the tedious, time-consuming challenge that is the job search.  Whether you’re a new college grad or an experienced professional, finding and landing a job is no walk in the park.  This is one of the reasons developed a new social referral platform called Jobs With Friends.

Jobs With Friends, with a simple sync to LinkedIn and Facebook, enables users to start their job hunt efficiently by leveraging all connections from both accounts.  By job-hunting through your current network and having access to the companies where your connections work, you are immediately at an advantage.  Employee referrals are extremely valued in each company.  In fact, referred candidates are twice as likely to score an interview and 3-4 times more likely to be hired.

Regardless of your industry or field, referrals are equivalent to the Fast Track pass at Disney during peak season, and they are often overlooked by the average jobseeker.  While some people are focused on finding jobs using search engines and job postings, smart jobseekers are intent on getting that referral.

 Although a referral does not guarantee any position, it is a great help in the process.  In addition to the referral, a strong resume and impressive interview are sure to secure the job.  Today’s employers are also looking for things like an active social media presence, including a blog, Twitter, portfolio, whatever it may be.

 A solid combination of the above components in an application process is what will make you attractive as a candidate.  Even more, a referral is what will make you the candidate.

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