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SAVE THE DATE - Ms. JD’s Ninth Annual Conference on Women in the Law

Ms. JD is excited to announce the date and location for its next annual conference - March 3, 2017 at Northwestern School of Law.  Stay tuned for more details! You can view information on the format and topics covered at the last conference here.

The annual conference includes a reception honoring the recipients of theMs. JD Honors awards.  These awards are given to men and women who have made significant contributions to promoting women in the law. Nominations for the Ms. JD Honors awards are open until October 5, 2016 and nomination instructions can be found here.  We look forward to receiving your nominations and learning about more incredible men and women in the legal profession.



I am thrilled and honiored that my blog SO YOU WANT TO BE AN INTERNATIONAL LAWYER has inspired an entire breakout session. I am currently in France and had not planned on attending the conference, but I can be available to lead the session. My work in Europe contiunes and my book will be finished before the conference.
GLOBAL HEALTH IMPACTS NANOTECHNOLOGY LAW feel free to contact me with questions about my work my career my travels and my views about the worklife balance that become exceptionally difficult when traveling ... Recall too that on the SCOTUS blog Justice Ginsburg gave an interview at the University of Notre Dame whre she specifically stated that in her time no one would hire a MOTHER…  imagine adding travel to that agenda
But destiny calls.I am the daughter of a Lawyer who admitted meto the Bar of the Supreme Court of the UNited States and my sonis a lawyer If I were a man, no one would have thought that was unusual that I followed my father and my son followed me. GLOBAL HEALTH IMPACTS OF NANOTECHNOLOGY LAW 2017 Dr ilise L Feitshans JD and ScM and DIR
Executive Director the Work Health and Survival Project Switzerland and USA
Expert in the Law of Nanotechnology Nanomedicine and The Prevention of Medicrime for the Council of Europe
Legal Advisor for the Greek National Platform on Nanomedicine
USA 917 239 9960
Swiss 41 79 836 3965
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