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Savvy Shopper-at-law: Trendy Shoes for Work and Weekend

Pumps. T-straps. Boots. Wedges. Booties. Slippers. Shoes make women weak. Manolo Blahniks made Carrie Bradshaw exclaim “Hello Lover!” To get her hands on the ruby slippers, the Wicked Witch of the West chased Dorothy through OZ. And, the Handsome Prince was smart enough to return Cinderella’s glass slipper after she lost it at the ball. Every woman loves shoes!

And every woman should own shoes that make her feel fabulous (and her feet feel fabulous too!) Whether you’re trendy, classic, or a sexy siren, the following shoes are budget-friendly and fashion forward.

Booties – They’re trendy and quirky. Maybe you love them. Maybe you plan on purchasing them and wearing them once. Either way, you shouldn’t have to spend a month’s rent.

Here’s the expensive pair.

Here’s your budget-friendly version.

Flat Boots – They are comfortable, great to wear in the rain, and can be worn over jeans for a fabulous weekend look.

These might break your budget.

These will preserve your bank account.

Crocodile Pumps – They are stylish, yet work appropriate.

For a splurge.

For a steal.

 Savvy Tips for the Shopper-At-Law

 1. Shoes don't stretch! It sounds simple, but I have fallen victim to beautiful shoes that were crippling more than once. Most of them are still on the top shelf of my closet! Remember, even if those pumps are gorgeous, on sale, and would go with every ensemble, if the shoes are not your size or are not comfortable, do not purchase them. Otherwise, you will only wear them once.

 2. If shopping online, read the reviews. Knowledge is power when buying online! If others have written about the shoes, take their advice! Also, if you buy a pair of shoes online and end up loving them, share your thoughts! People like me – people who hate to return shoes – want to know your thoughts!

 3. Can you walk in them? They might be beautiful, but can you walk in them? You want people to notice you because of your great professionalism and knowledge (complimented by your smart style) not because you walk like Frankenstein! Walk around the store in them several times and consider how those boots feel before falling in love.

 4. How will they feel after eight hours? Sometimes, shoes feel amazing, but by midday, they are excruciating. Consider purchasing shoes in the afternoon, after a workout, or after eating a large meal. I know this may seem silly, but your feet swell in the afternoon, as you eat salt, and while you work out. If you purchase a bit later in the day, you can find shoes that fit well in all conditions and times of day.  

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