Setting Yourself Up for Success on the Bar Exam from Day One

Studying for the bar exam is no small task. Countless hours are spent reading, answering practice questions, reviewing practice questions, and the study cycle continues.  At the onset of your designated preparation period, it is always a good idea to consider the following items because, if overlooked, they could result in being detrimental to success and ultimately, bar passage.


Environment. How is your study environment? Do you need absolute silence or do you prefer to have background noise? Do you value organization or do you work well with a bit of clutter? Whichever is best for you, be sure to honor yourself by ensuring that if you need either silence or noise you will be in a conducive environment that feels good.


Practical tip: Keep your space organized and tidy and comfortable for yourself.


Habits/Routines from Law School. Upon starting a commercial bar review course it can be easy to completely disregard your study habits from law school because you are in a different environment using different materials. This is a reminder to take a moment to think about study habits that you had during law school that you can utilize to help you prepare for the bar.


Practical tip: Visualize or write down your top study habits and how you can incorporate them into your commercial bar review course.


Attitude. How are you, in general, thinking about this upcoming preparation period? Are you anxious? Annoyed? Scared? Happy? Full of dread? Any feeling is O.K. Noticing your emotions and attitude about what you are facing can and will make a difference during this experience.


Practical tip: At the beginning or end of each day, write down at least ten "dulcitos" or ten positive moments or things that you are grateful for throughout the day. This will help you raise your attitude and outlook during this time period.


May the above three considerations propel you forward during this intense study period and may you ultimately be successful on the bar exam. I look forward to welcoming you to the bar. 

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