Seven Mistakes that Keep Amazing Women Stuck on the Hectic Hamster Wheel

I often see these seven mistakes getting in the way of how focused, balanced, and in-control your days could be, leaving amazing women like you stuck in a rushed, hectic, not-enough-time way of living instead (that used to be me):

  1. “I’ll just power through.” 

    Some women try to just put their heads down and plow through their to-dos, often thinking that if they can just get enough done, just catch up, things will get better and they’ll stay on track. Sadly, they keep trying that over and over, and it just doesn’t work. Powering through may occasionally give a quick reprieve, but things always go back to the hectic way they were. In fact, it will work less over time, because our brains and body will get tired.
  2. “I’ll just follow my to-do list(s).”

    Some people think a good to-do list is all they need to get stuff done and move their goals forward. Others actually have a few “to-do lists” – a to-do list here, calendar reminders there, and items in their inbox to remind them of tasks left undone. But writing it all down, even with reminders in multiple places, only shows you what to do – it doesn’t help you prioritize or find the best way to get it done. This approach often leaves you with a list of undone to-dos that make you feel stressed and like a failure at the end of the day.
  3. “But I have a good planner too.”

    Now I love a good planner, or pretty much any beautiful notebook or office supply item for that matter. But the truth is pretty, organized planners make us feel good at first and dial up our optimism, but on their own they can’t fix the problem any more than to-do lists can.
  4. “I just do the most urgent thing next.”

    I call this “following the fires,” just chasing the most urgent thing from moment to moment, like playing one of those Whac-a-Mole carnival games.  The problem is, people who just run around putting out fires all day, answering the phone or responding to the person that emails you the most, and dealing with things as they pop up – they never get to their long-term goals and never make real progress.
  5. “I’ll just work harder and work extra. If I hustle enough, it will be fine.”

    Working harder, hustling, and working extra hours doesn’t do the trick. It should be so simple right? It’s not the key to success though – plenty of successful people don’t work that hard, and plenty of hard workers are not that successful. Plus, working hard requires energy and willpower, both of which are limited resources that will fade after a while.
  6. “I just use my memory.” or “I can just will my way through this.”

    Some people rely on their willpower to get enough work done, or just rely on their memory to determine what the next task is that they should tackle .Both memory and willpower are finite resources. We only have so much. Both will fail us eventually. We forget, and we cave.Y ou’ve probably experienced your memory failing you if you’ve ever tried to go to the grocery story with a shopping list only in your head, or your willpower failing you if you’ve ever tried to go on a diet. Plus, that front burner of our brain that runs memory and willpower during the day is a limited resource, so it should be used for much more important things. Over-using willpower and memory is exhausting and will leave you drained and stressed.
  7. “I read productivity tips all the time.”

    I’ve made this mistake before, big time.  We try random productivity tips and they make us feel hopeful that things will improve, but then they don’t click so we ditch them. It makes sense that they wouldn’t work though – it’s like you need to build an Ikea bookshelf but I just hand you a few random pieces of particleboard and screws. Those random pieces are not going to fit together, and they’re not enough to build the whole bookshelf, so it’s not going to work.Isolated productivity tips are just a bandage. They give us hope and sometimes even quick relief, but they’re not the thing that’s going to solve the problem. You need all the pieces, and an instruction manual. 

That’s why I created the Overwhelmed to Accomplished Every Day course.

Because no one else is giving you the instruction manual and all the pieces, and that’s exactly what this course is – your roadmap to focusing on what you want and need to get done so you can sail through distractions & unnecessary to dos, get more done in less time, and have time for what matters most to you (and make sure it sticks).

I’m here to guide you the whole way, and you can take the steps you need to take throughout the course in just minutes a day. I made sure Overwhelmed to Accomplished Every Day is efficient and easy-to-follow, so you can solve the problem of not having enough time without having much time to spare!  In just a few weeks, you’ll start turning your hectic days around. For good.

Let's do this!

PS – The Overwhelmed to Accomplished Every Day course gives you the pieces and the instruction manual to build focused, balanced, organized days that leave you feeling in-control and with enough time to spend on the people and things that are most important to you. You can grab one of the limited spots in the Overwhelmed to Accomplished Every Day course or DM me on Instagram and say "I want to fix my days." and we'll chat more.  

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