Jamie Bence

SheLeads: Pulling It All Together

I hope everyone had as much fun at SheLeads as I did. I was so lucky to have so many important people in my life all in the same room.

Right before I started law school, I found Ms. JD through a really lucky Google search.  I had taken a break after graduating from Wellesley College and had just moved to D.C. to attend Catholic University. The two schools literally could not have been more different, and I was looking that day for a bridge from my old home to my new one.

When I saw Ms. JD's site, I knew I had found it. I emailed Jessie Kornberg and the rest is really recent history, pretty well documented on this site. The women of Ms. JD have been some of my greatest mentors, supporters and friends, and I can't imagine surviving (let alone thriving) these last three years without them.

When I was asked to join the board in 2011, I learned that Ms. JD was planning the annual conference in D.C. At the time I thought I was lucky because I wouldn't have to fly. I had no idea how meaningful the day would become. I felt so personally gratified throughout the whole conference. I got to see my friends from law school chumming it up with my former supervisor, a former and current clerk from my office comparing experiences for the first time, our amazing board members seemingly running the world from their iPhones. Personally, I found it kind of surreal.

So in short, thank you to everyone who made SheLeads possible.  I know the day was especially awesome for me, but I hope everyone felt the synergy in the room and came away with a few new friends. I hope you left wanting to get more involved with Ms. JD (email me!) and inspired by the panelists who shared their time and resources with us. See you next time!

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