Six Months In: Looking back on half a year in legal tech

Exactly six months ago, I had recently moved to London and had just started my job working for a legal tech startup. I've been reflecting on the past six months I've now spent working in this new sector and the lessons I've learned during that time.

I learned that not all your career steps need to be meticulously planned. I was always told that you often don't end up where you expected to. While I was in law school I was not even aware of the legal tech sector, let alone considering working in it. I was focused on traditional legal career paths, either working for non-profits or the government or in the private sector for a law firm. Even when I began learning about startups in the legal services industry and began to consider working in it, I wasn't sure how to achieve this new goal (I've discussed some tips in my post from last month). 

I learned that there is such a thing as work-life balance within the law, but perhaps not in the way or job you imagined. My current job is challenging and intellectually stimulating, but I have the freedom to work flexibly and a work environment that appreciates and values personal time for employees. By working for a small startup team, I also have the autonomy to create new projects and initiatives.

More concretely, I've picked up some valuable new skills and have learned about areas I had no exposure to before, such as: startup fundraising, digital marketing, the relationship between customers and a tech product...

...and learned a number of new tools that I'd never used or heard of before in some cases, like Slack, Front or Trello...

...but my law degree was not a waste of time - I find that I use the skills gained during my law degree on a daily basis. Whether it's analyzing a legal request from a client, communicating with lawyers, or simply accurate writing skills, my legal training remains valuable. 

I'm now looking forward to the next six months and the new learnings they'll bring!

What valuable skills or lessons have you picked up from different roles? You can get in touch with me at @nicolemoriniere or on LinkedIn

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