“So You Want To Be a Corporate Lawyer?” Episode 3 of the Ms. JD Pre-Law Mentoring Hangout

On this episode of the Ms. JD Pre-Law Mentoring Hangout created by the illustrious Ms. JD Pre-Law Program Director, Genevieve Antono, aspiring attorneys came together with a current law student, Alexi Thomas, and former corporate lawyer, Van Ann Bui, to discuss what it means to practice corporate law.

We covered many topics from securing a coveted law firm associate position to what a typical day in the life of a corporate lawyer is like. The insight offered by both Van Ann and Alexi expanded my knowledge further on what it means to be a corporate lawyer - even having done extensive research into the career, interning at a corporate law firm, and speaking with many attorneys who practice corporate law before partaking in the hangout. 

Some of the takeaways from this episode were -

  • "If you do good work as an attorney, you will get more work."
  1. Work hours vary significantly. You may work up to 100 hours one week or 40-60 another, which will depend on the complexity, exigency, and magnitude of the case/legal assignment(s).
  • Corporate lawyers have a wide range of duties.
  1. You may represent a buyer or seller of a major company, advise bankers on a deal, or draft/review contracts. This work is known as the transactional side of corporate law, which is one of two sides. It requires forward thinking to prevent controversies and claims during the life of a deal or contract.
  2. The litigation side cleans up the mess of transactional attorneys, which occurs when there are errors in contracts or a deal has gone bad. Litigation usually involves lawsuits and going to court. 

In addition to those takeaways, Alexi and Van Ann shared their experiences of securing internships and how they created their own opportunities to gain new perspectives on the careers that they were/are considering.

Overall, this Mentoring Hangout was helpful, insightful, and very informative. I encourage everyone to check out this episode (and the others!) to gain the full scoop on some of the topics I mentioned above. Below is the link to Episode 3.


Also, please feel free to add me on LinkedIn and reach out to Genevieve if you would like to participate in a future episode of the Ms. JD Pre-Law Mentoring Hangout.


Thanks for reading!

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