So You Want to Be An International Lawyer: Fathers Can Be Lawyers too

My birthday is May 31, which this year is shavouot, a small holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah to humanity on Mount Sinai. The holiday also is a time of great food, like cheesecake and ice cream and lots of singing and dancing... All perfect for a naturally occurring birthday party. In other years my birthday of May 31 has coincided with magnificent life events such as my law school graduation. And in other years, Memorial Day with big parades and barbecues in the USA and the opening of the outdoor swimming pool. My birthday is also a great date because I share it with my cousin, fine artist and painter Toby levy Allen, and her nephew, Mark Levy, and my friend, Marylou Adams, and my former professor of international diplomacy, Alfred De Zayas.

My father was a fabulous lawyer who helped individual clients with their life transforming problems. No problem for him was intractably too large or too small to be workable. My proudest professional moment in my life was when he admitted me to the USA Supreme Court Bar. But the gift he gave me at birth remains the most baffling and precious that a father could ever give any child.

My father promised me a gift that wherever I am I will have great weather on my birthday and a cloudless sky. Once I flew from Frankfurt to Toronto on my birthday. It was raining in Toronto when we took off but beautiful in Frankfurt. The whole flight was fluffy clouds and blue sky. I landed in Toronto and the rain had stopped hours before my arrival. There was a cloudless blue sky and sunshine danced on the asphalt puddles like diamonds.
I asked my father because he was already dead seventeen years at that time, "How did you do that daddy?"

It has rained only once on my birthday in my presence. And on a sunny birthday afternoon in Arlington, Virginia my father proudly told my ex-husband the tale of my birth. My father finished the tale by saying, I looked at the sky and said what a beautiful day to be born!

Fathers give all sorts of gifts to their children but this one has remained the most impressive. 

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