Social networking for women NGO activists and their clients

PulseWire is in beta testing, open for women who are working in the fields of human trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and water sustainability. Could that be you?

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From the website:

PulseWire is an interactive website where women worldwide — including those using internet cafés and cell phones in remote villages — can speak for themselves to the world and collaborate to solve global problems. It is also a new space inviting men to support and learn from women's voices.

PulseWire is a tool designed by and for diverse users: a Sri Lankan market woman looking for new sources of micro-credit, a Zimbabwean journalist documenting a crackdown in the streets with her cell phone, or a New York business woman offering to bring school supplies to women's groups in Cambodia.

PulseWire also showcases some of the world's most innovative NGO organizations and businesses, helping to connect their resources and expertise to a global community of women.

Love the idea of clients and skilled professionals having a place to hook up directly, hope the beta goes well. [Hat tip to Feministing for the link.]

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