Something to brighten your weekend: feeling grateful for U.S. women’s opportunities for legal education and careers [Clippings]

University of Chicago 3L (and Mom-in-Law-School) Lag Live meditates on a New York Times article about the Middle East's "Education City."

[W]hat struck me the most was a section on the second page titled "Opportunities for Women." To quote some of the article: "Education City represents broad opportunities for women, in a nation where many families do not allow their daughters to travel overseas for higher education or to mix casually with men. Cornell stresses, proudly, that it was Qatar’s first coeducational institution of higher learning. The female students are very much aware of their new opportunities... 'I don’t want my father’s money or my husband’s money,' said Maryam al-Ibrahim, a 21-year-old second-year student at Virginia Commonwealth. 'I want to work for a private company and be myself, and I would like to become someone important here.' Mais Taha, a Texas A&M petroleum-engineering student, glows as she talks about her classes, including Reservoir Fluids--hydrocarbons, she explains sweetly--and Drilling."

I may not ever "glow" while talking about constitutional law, but I am grateful for the opportunity to attend law school--and much more than that, I'm grateful that it doesn't often occur to me to be grateful.

Amen to that.



Thanks for linking to me Anna!  I'm still working on feeling grateful for my insurmountable amount of con law reading, but I do have a better perspective after reading that article.


Good luck with the con law, & have a good weekend, LL!

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