Sponsor Spotlight: Legal Kid and The Little Lawyers

This Friday, June 15, 2018, Ms. JD is hosting its “Ready to Rise” one-day academy in law and leadership for middle school girls (grades 6-8). This academy is designed to introduce young girls to the legal profession and allow them see themselves as future members of it.

Ms. JD wouldn’t be able to hold important events like this without the help of our wonderful and generous sponsors. Today, we are so excited to showcase one of our #WeSupport sponsors: Legal Kid.

In the summer of 2016, Legal Kid, Inc. began as a conversation among a group of strong and skillful moms. They wanted their community of parents to have the tools to empower their kids from the get go. They wanted quality products to help kids find their voice and build their rights — right out of the crib --- literally!

Launched in Miami and Washington DC, Legal Kid has grown exponentially over the past 2 years, now serving public and private schools, educational leaders, and organizations throughout the country. They’ve helped more than 13,000 kids get a taste of the law and how they can be conscious citizens.

Legal Kid’s mission is simple: “Let's create a nation of conscious young citizens - together.” In 2017, a Legal Kid Study found that seven out of ten kids do not believe laws apply to them. Legal Kid is focused on changing this -- NOW.

Here are just a few of the unique ways that Legal Kid is educating children about the law:

  • Kids At Law Magazine: A law magazine for kids by kids. Kids At Law Magazine takes on important issues, such as bullying, in ways that children are able to understand and interact with.
  • The Little Lawyers:  A monthly subscription plan featuring little lawyers, Max and Makayla, who are focused on inspiring and engaging the little lawyer in every kid.
  • Legal Kid’s Court Cases Collection: A series of books that break down the historical stories behind simple American people who often took great risks to challenge the law. For example, Plessy, the first book in the collection, is based on the story of a shoemaker becoming a part of history by taking his battle for equal rights all the way to the Supreme Court in the Plessy V. Ferguson case.

The collaboration between Ms. JD and Legal Kid is a natural fit because we share a clear vision to empower young girls to know the law, and more so, see themselves as future leaders in the law. Both Legal Kid and Ms. JD fully comprehend  how young ladies can take on a significant role when they are raised to have a proactive and engaged mind. We are focused on making this possible for as many as possible. We are proud to have Legal Kid as part of the Ms. JD family.

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