Start Thinking of Yourself More as a Business Owner Than an Attorney

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Happy Spring!  As we get ready to wind down the first quarter of 2016, it is a good time to take stock of how well we are doing in achieving our work goals for this year.  Are we on track, or are we already falling a bit behind?  As we contemplate our performance, we must view ourselves through the eyes of a business owner, rather than as an attorney. Are we keeping clients happy?  Do the economics of our practice make sense? Are we getting out there enough and developing our personal brand and market awareness?  Are we strategically collaborating with others as much as we can to proliferate our practice? I wrote on this topic in the January installment of my "Paradigm Shift" column in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, and include a link to the column below:

As always, I welcome your thoughts - how do you think attorneys can do a better job developing the mindset of business owners in their practices?

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