Starting from the Bottom Up to Create a Killer Personal Brand

A digital presence is a must for every law firm, and there’s both professional and personal branding. When a founder is the face of a company, they’ll have to start creating a personal brand that potential clients will know and trust.

Branding is one of the most powerful tools in marketing, and it all starts with reputation.

 Supervisors often sit new or aspiring lawyers down to express how important reputation is in the law field. Building a good reputation is the start of personal branding, so you might need to help others, work extra hours. The goal is to create a reputation of someone that is helpful and nice, yet a lawyer that is able to go to great lengths to win a case.

It's the small things that matter, and it’s common to not know where to start when building up your personal brand.

Starting with the Very Basics

A quick and simple overview of the basics will help you develop a personal brand that resonates with your audience. It's difficult for new lawyers to narrow down their niche, but it’s the first step in personal branding.

What niche or specialization do you want to pursue?

Once you’ve determined your niche or specialization, it’s time to:

  • Define your target audience
  • Learn your audience’s needs and priorities
  • Determine which services are most relevant to the audience’s needs

Revamp Your Online Presence

Online presence is everything, and while you may need to tidy up some posts, make updates to existing content and portfolios, it’s also important to make your face a key part of your online assets. When visitors read your blog posts, they need to see your face.

Visitors should see the same picture on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or any other platform that you wish.

Kathleen A. Sigurdson does this well with her online assets, with her face everywhere from the “can we help you” slide-in to the top slider of the firm’s website.

Change your portfolios to match the basics we discussed previously.

Simple yet effective, revamping your presence is the next step in your personal brand’s foundation.

Start Demonstrating Your Expertise

Your face and name need to be everywhere, and this can start offline and online. A few of the places to start demonstrating your expertise are:

  • Blogs and website
  • Social media
  • Publications
  • Professional associations

You'll also want to consider doing pro bono work locally, helping win major cases for those that are less fortunate. When you offer pro bono work, the news may be picked up by the media, helping push your personal brand even further.

Start teaching your audience through email marketing and your blog, too.

Potential and current clients want to be able to use your blog as a source of information and education. You can use these assets, many of which you own, to be able to push your brand to new heights.

It's important to have downloadable content, checklists, eBooks and other content to give away during conferences and speaking engagements. This content can also be used to build your mailing list.

Start small, and over time, as you’re expanding your reach, you’ll be able to grow your personal brand, becoming a face that people know, trust and can rely on for their legal needs.

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