Starting Over Law School Again

My story is a little different.  I'm going to be a first year law student, for the second time. I was admitted in Fall 2011, and unfortunately, after going through my first semester, did not make the grade cut off.  I took time off from law school, and submitted my petition on why I should be readmitted, and received my acceptance letter in May.  I will be returning this fall again as a 1L, with new classmates, and a stronger conviction to do well.  

This is my story, and my progress, as a repeating 1L, and any struggles I experience as a single mother.



June 2008 - LSAT

September 2010 - LSAT 

October/Nov 2010 - Applications

January-April 2011 - Acceptance, rejection, wait list letters came in

May 2011 - deposit, and final decision in law school choice

July 2011 - relocation to new city, home, school

Aug 2011 - Summer law program/started law school

Dec 2011 - Final exams as a 1L

Jan 2012 - received grades, kicked out of law school (exclusion)

Feb-April 2012 - trying to find work, spoke with admissions, professors, reviewed exams

April 2012 - submitted petition

May 2012 - received readmission letter

June 2012 & Beyond - waiting to return to law school, reviewing legal books

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