Study for the bar like it is your job!

When I studied for the bar, I treated it as if I was working at a very involved job. I would start "work" at 8am and work until 7pm every day six days a week. I made sure that there was no cramming or last minute memorization. I took the PMBR class because the questions were generally harder than BARBRI.

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I tried to make it as interesting as I could by challenging myself with flashcards. It is also crucial that a law student spends some time studying with other bar applicants to keep things interesting and not boring.

I took both the 7 day PMBR class which, according to PMBR, provides 

"Introductory online practice tests and question-based review lectures for each topic that will be tested on the exam.
Provides you with strategies for approaching MBE questions.
Helps you prepare for MBE questions before you start your general bar classes."

I also took the 3 day class.  The three day course got me going with an early start. I think I obtained an advantage because I started preparing for the bar in my last semester of law school and started prepping for the bar immediately after law school. I feel this gave me an advantage over other law students who took a break after law school.

I always believed that the tort and personal injury questions were the most difficult.

The three day course was also instrumental. The three day course according to PMBR is a "Full MBE Practice Exam with 2 days of review. Highlights the finer points of the relevant law typically not covered in your General Bar Review lectures. Helps you get extra points that can make the difference between passing and failing the bar."

I also took the standard BARBRI classes which is a rite of passage for law school students.

Of course doing well on the bar exam has nothing to do with how good of a lawyer you will be.

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