#SuperwomenJDs: Ms. JD Board Member Diana J. Stern

As we prepare for Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference, we are asking each of our board members and volunteers to reflect on their superpowers and superheroes/superheroines.  Feel free to join us by posting your own responses to the questions below.  Better yet, join us for an out of this world conference February 19, 2016 in NYC!

1. What is your superheroine avatar?

I picture this on the cover of a superheroine comic book called “Adventures with D”.

2. What is your superheroine theme song? 

This song is an awesome pick-me-up/refresher. It's perfect for moving onto my next “mission”. To me it’s about letting go and opening up to life’s possibilities.

3. If you could have any superheroine power what would it be? 

Zapping judgment with beams of freedom.

4. Did you have an affinity for any superheroes or heroines as a kid?  Which ones and why?

I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- shout out to Raphael fans! There weren’t too many superheroines on TV two decades ago (I hope there are more now). I think my affinity for the TMNT came from their mix of quirkiness, zen, and ability to get stuff done. They also make an awesome team, and I love superheroic teamwork, just like the kind we have on our Ms. JD Board. : )

5. Who are your real-life superheroes?

One of my real-life superheroines is Simone de Beauvoir. Her book The Second Sex increased my awareness of how and why women are sometimes considered the second sex, after men. She was an intelligent, brave, and forward-thinking woman, especially for her day (1940s). 

One of my other real-life superheroines is my grandmother, Christine. She escaped the German occupation in France during WWII with her siblings and later moved to Los Angeles without ever having been to America before. She cultivated a successful career teaching French at institutions including UCLA. I really admire her strength, perserverence, and talent. She is also a kind, outspoken, and hilarious person who has been known to have more social plans than I do on any given night. 

6. Why are you excited about Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference themed Superwomen JDs? 

I’m thrilled to connect with the nation-wide Ms. JD community in person and meet other generations of Superwomen JDs! I am also excited about the speakers from whom we will have the opportunity to learn. Plus, I’m looking forward to finding out more about the subjects we are covering on the various panels, especially mindfulness.

Up, up, and away we go to the Conference in NYC! Here's where you can get your ticket. I'll see you there!

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