#SuperwomenJDs: Ms. JD Board Member Janet L. Wallace

As we prepare for Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference, we are asking each of our board members and volunteers to reflect on their superpowers and superheroes/superheroines.  Feel free to join us by posting your own responses to the questions below.  Better yet, join us for an out of this world conference on February 19, 2016 in NYC!

1. What is your superheroine avatar?

Confetti-powered. Obviously. 

2. What is your superheroine theme song? 

Okay, I know that Katy Perry is confused about feminism, but I think she just needs someone to explain to her what feminism is and then she’d totally be on board. I mean, really. Will someone please have Katy give me a call?

3. If you could have any superheroine power what would it be? 

Mind control. I’d take a general ability to control the actions of others and make everybody be kinder already. I’m talking insanely kind so that we would all find food for the hungry and parents for the orphans and love for the unloved.

4. Who are your real-life superheroes?

For starters, these women are totally boss: Jessie Kornberg, Elizabeth Pederson, Karen Deschaine, Noorian Khan, and Keisha Stanford. 

My husband, who was a feminist before I was. 

And, no superhero list would be complete without the Notorious RBG, who said:

"[W]hen I’m sometimes asked when will there be enough [women on the supreme court]? And I say ‘When there are nine.’ People are shocked. But there’d been nine men, and nobody’s ever raised a question about that."

5. Why are you excited about Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference themed Superwomen JDs? 

Finally, a conference where spandex leggings and superheroine capes are appropriate attire! I mean, right? Can someone confirm?

Up, up, and away we go to the Conference in NYC! Here's where you can get your ticket. I'll see you there!

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