#SuperwomenJDs: Ms. JD Board Member Katie Larkin-Wong

As we prepare for Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference, we are asking each of our board members and volunteers to reflect on their superpowers and superheroines.  Please join us by posting your own responses to the questions below.  Better yet, join us for an out of this world conference February 19, 2014 in New York, New York!  

1. What is your superheroine avatar?


2. What is your superheroine theme song?  (Bonus points if you embed the YouTube video.) 

3. If you could have any superheroine power what would it be? 

With everything going on in the world today, I would love to have the ability to spread the power to lead with love and understanding.  Despite everything, I have to believe that the only way to solve the world's problems is to attempt to understand where one another is coming from. 

4. Did you have an affinity for any superheros or heroines as a kid?  Which ones and why?

I didn't have a particular affinity for superheros or heroines as a kid.  I did love the carebears (which is probably why I was drawn to the avatar above) though I don't know if anyone would say they qualify as superheros.  My husband enjoys a lot of the more modern superhero movies and one of the partners that I work with loves the Marvel series so I suppose I've become more familiar with superheroes as I've gotten older.  My favorite recent experience with superheros actually related to buying comic books for a baby.  My friend's father used to read her comic books as a kid so I bought her new baby girl a set of Powerpuff Girl comic books.  (Obviously I had to find a feminist superhero to give her baby girl!)


5. Who are your real-life superheroes?
I find inspiration and superhero qualities in so many things everyday.  My Mom is definitely one of my superheroes.  You might have seen her post on Ms. JD before.  She wrote a historical perspective on Lauren Butler's Determined to be a Ms. JD.  I've also written about how my Mom and sister Kim, are my true inspirations on Ms. JD before!  And of course, there's my awesome partner, Jono Wong, whose ability to be a constant source of both support and inspiration is a true blessing in my life.

There are so many other people who inspire me everyday.  I love the attorneys that I work with at Latham & Watkins; their intellect, drive, and determination to give their best to our clients day in and day out is a constant inspiration.  My pro bono clients, many of whom have fought through incredible circumstances to get to where they are today, are a constant source of inspriation and pride. 

So, to me, superheros and superheroines are made by the small things they do everyday.  

6. Why are you excited about Ms. JD's Eighth Annual Conference themed Superwomen JDs? 

Ms. JD's conference is always one of my favorite times of the year.  We have an incredible community and I love getting everyone together in one room.  I'm particularly excited about this year's conference because we've cooked up some new programming ideas that I think are going to be truly fantastic.  In addition, this is a special conference for me as it will be my last conference as President of Ms. JD. I am so proud to be transitioning the role of President to Raychelle Tasher and excited to usher in Ms. JD's next era with all of you!  If you haven't already, join us in celebrating by contributing to #MsJD10

Ready to buy your tickets?  


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