Take a few days off and get away!

I'm in a rut. A career rut. A life rut. Just a rut. For some reason I was under the impression that once I accomplished my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer that all the obstacles and difficulties would vanish or at the very least seem less daunting but no. I was wrong, very wrong.  I've been a lawyer for two years now and I find myself more lost than ever. I read article after article about mid quarter life crisis and overcoming work burn out. While the advice in those articles are helpful it still doesn't offer me a solution to what I think is my problem. I'm stuck in a job I'm unhappy at and practicing an area of law I'm not passionate about. I decided to stop all the negative thoughts and feelings, which is very difficult for me, and disconnect. I was lucky enough to have time off between quitting an old job and  starting a new job so I booked a vacation and headed to a tropical island with my significant other. I'm writing this as I lay on a lounge chair in the pool at the hotel. The lounge chair is actually inside the pool! My advice is stop thinking and analyzing every single tiny thing in your life for a few days. I know, I know! For us lawyers it's easier said than done but really make an effort! Will a few days on vacation offer the solution to all your problems? Probably not but I'll tell you what it will do, allow you to disconnect, reflect, and reenergize. For those of you who can't afford a vacation, take a class learning to do something new, do something outside your comfort zone, take a few days off from work, just do something different from your routine. My vacation is a temporary fix to my problems but it is just what I needed. 

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