Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Limbo

Four months of studying are finally over. The days that followed consisted of cleaning my room of all things related to the bar, outlines and papers that scattered the floor and desk. I didn’t realize the mess I lived in the last two weeks prior until I began cleaning. While I don’t normally like talking about exams, I do want to mention one thing. Every person who saw me mentioned my first blog post and their views, prompting a discussion. Many of these people I haven’t seen since we graduated. It made me happy because I succeeded. People are talking about it and sharing with others. I just hope it continues.

Limbo: the time from post bar until the results are released. Results are typically released mid-May, but have been released as early as late-April. In the meantime, limbo is the feeling of not knowing whether you passed, but still applying to attorney jobs that require licenses. If you don’t currently work, here are some tips to stay occupied:

  • Volunteer: Find an organization, doesn’t have to be legal. It can be something that you enjoy doing. Do you love working with animals? Try an animal shelter.
  • Internship: Similar to volunteer, but maybe you want to work in a law firm. Try and see if you can intern/volunteer at a law firm/legal service
  • Part-time: Take a part-time job somewhere. Retail, library, day-care, receptionist. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your career.
  • Training: During my first limbo, I got training as a civil mediator and now I intern in addition to working.
  • Hobbies: Pick up new hobbies. Cook. Bake Knit/crochet. Learn a new language. Read

Limbo lasts roughly three months. It goes by faster than you think. Use your time. Whether you are working or not, you can still use your time to advance yourself.

What I’ve been doing: Crocheting, learning Korean, reading, working and interning. This doesn’t including applying to jobs, which is my other full-time job. 



Thank you for sharing your story on re-taking the bar. I am glad you are taking much needed time for you now that the bar exam is over and you are waiting for results. I look forward to hearing more about your job search and journey.

Sydney Reed

Hang in there!

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