Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—New Job, New City, New Experiences

In my last post, I discussed tips for finding a job, and I can honestly say that one of those tips got me my job. Referrals. My friend referred me to the Human Resources Director of her employment, and two interviews later, I accepted a job as Recovery Specialist with the company. As a Recovery Specialist, my primary responsibility is recovering money for insurance companies for claims they paid for on behalf of their members. This job entails negotiating on the phone and a high volume of cases.

Accepting this position meant I had to move eighty miles to a new city away from the comfort that I had become accustomed to for the past three years. In a matter of four days, I found an apartment and began packing up my apartment. For two weeks, I lived in two apartments while working and moving on the weekends. Needless to say, I never want to do that again. On the flipside, I am discovering a different part of Michigan, a part that I wanted to live in because of the city feel.

My first week at the job consisted of training/orientation where I learned how to do my job, something that isn’t always offered in legal jobs. After a week of training, I began working on a backlog of cases, helping my teammates with their cases. By the third week, I was slowly assigned my own caseload, making many calls every day and learning the tricks when dealing with specific insurance companies. In addition to work, I also joined the company’s softball team even though I’ve never played.

There have been several blogs about moving, each providing take away lessons. My lessons are as follows:

  • If you see a job posting that may be good for a friend, pass it along. Finding a job shouldn’t be a fierce competition. This isn’t the Hunger Games. The same goes with referrals.
  • After landing that new job, get out of your comfort zone and meet people. Does the company have a sports team? Join it. Do they have regular gatherings? Go. Eat lunch with your colleagues. Don’t isolate yourself. It makes work more enjoyable than just doing your work.
  • If you’ve moved to a new city, explore. Find some good spots from sites like Yelp and suggestions from friends. Meet people. Of course be safe when you do so.  But don’t hole yourself up in your apartment every day.
  • As always, don’t push your friends away. I sound like a broken record. Despite what chapter of life you may be experiencing, you should always have a circle of friends you can rely on. It doesn’t have to a big group of friends. It also doesn’t have to be the only circle. Visit them. If you are in the same state, make that drive to see them or meet halfway. If you aren’t, Skype/Face Time. Don’t lose touch.

My new adventure is the company’s softball game tomorrow. Did I mention I’ve never played before? Hope I come out without any bruises. 

Until next time!

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