Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

It’s September. Schools are starting up again this week. October is next month and in three months, 2017 is over.

Where did the summer go? August seemed to disappear in a blink of an eye. It is incredible to think that I have been at my current job for almost five months when it feels much longer.

Albert Einstein once said that “time is an illusion” and the dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion. Lately, time has been slipping through the fingers, not knowing what day it is, but knowing whether it is a workday or weekend.

As the days start getting shorter and colder, I begin to reflect on what 2017 has brought me, what lessons I learned, and what I can improve on in the coming months and next year. In 2017, I started my first “big girl” job. I moved to a different city away from comfort. I made new friends. I also learned to appreciate the free time I have, especially on the weekends, by not sleeping the days away but enjoying my time, cleaning, and preparing for the upcoming week. I also spent weekends catching up with friends, enjoying each other's company, something that I have missed since graduating. 

There’s no such thing as summer or winter vacation in adult world, but that doesn’t equate to being wasteful with the time you have. As much as I would rather travel the world and visit all the places on my bucket list, these bigger adventures require much more time. In the alternative, a simple trip to a new city or new part of a town can be an adventure in itself. Take a weekend and travel somewhere. I went to NYC for a weekend and I’m planning a weekend road trip to Toronto with some friends.

When time seems to fly by so quickly, it’s difficult to stop and smell the roses, to appreciate what life has given you (both the ups and downs). Sometimes, it’s hard to keep going, with each day becoming more mundane than the next. Find inspiration in every day tasks. It doesn’t have to be something awe-inspiring, but find what makes you happy. The little things that make you stand still in the craziness, take a breath, and continue.

There’s beauty everywhere, it just takes a little effort to search for it. But when you do, it’s worth it.

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