Take Two: The Journey to Retaking the Bar—Workplace Antics

My company recently went through a takeover. Needless to say, the changes that came with it are anything but sunshine and butterflies. Every week, new policies and procedures are implemented, forcing employees to conform. People are being shuffled around, most of the time without much notice, leaving the rest of the team to refocus and distribute cases.  Since the takeover, work has been more stressful, especially when the thought of not meeting our yearly goal is over our heads. Every day I come home, exhausted, ready to fall asleep at 5pm (or during work at 2pm, take your pick).

Despite the craziness of work, I always try to find the goodness of it all; the little things that make me want to get up and drive to work. Whether it is the people or the environment, it is important to appreciate the little things.

What I appreciate:

  • My friends: These are the very same people I go on my twenty-minute walks, eat lunch with, or meet up after work. When I need a break from a case, I walk up to one of their cubes, and let out my frustrations, or simply say “walk?”
  • My team lead: Every person is part of a team with a set of clients. Not only is my team the largest, but we also subrogate for a client that brings in the most money. My team lead is one those individuals who not only understands the frustrations, but also tells us the truth when others don’t.
  • Having a job: Recent graduates struggle finding a job without having the experiences. I know people who couldn’t find a good stable job for months after graduation, one that they were happy to wake up for. When I got this job, I was excited because it was a new experience, working in a field that I initially didn’t like. It’s been a few months, but that feeling hasn’t disappeared. In fact,
  • Work life balance: In the short span I have worked here, I have made some really great friends, one whom I frequently “annoy” when I just really need a break. I played on a softball team and met people whom I would not have met had I not played. Whenever I have a question, I just pop my head up and ask those around me, regardless of whether we are on the same team. Despite the changes that have occurred in over a month, it is the friendly and open environment that makes it worthwhile and helps ease the craziness. Additionally, our company works on a flex-time schedule, meaning the earliest we can leave is 3pm. Makes the summer time more enjoyable.

While I know there are more things that I appreciate that are not mentioned here, my point is to stop and smell the roses. Being an adult means working and paying the bills, but don’t forget to take breaks, visit family and friends, and take time to enjoy life. Go to a concert, see a movie, or grab dinner/drinks with some friends. Even if you absolutely love (or hate) your job, remember that anything can happen, so take the time to appreciate the little things.

Your brain and health will thank you. 

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