Techlegality: As Days Go By

The rare conditions of this day and age have led me to offer some thoughts on how to channel your energy in unprecedented times. Your new normal likely resembles nothing you ever imagined, and it is my hope that you find something helpful as we all navigate the current landscape.


Whether you’re looking for ways to occupy your time or simply want to try something new, here are some thoughts on how to approach the times in which we are living.


Look Within

Introspective work is not always an easy feat. With distractions often lingering, it can be difficult to operate intentionally. The sense of “going through the motions” can sometimes fester in areas we least expect it. If you find yourself contemplating ways to enhance your career, consider taking some time to just think. Think about how you want to show up in the world. Think about areas where you can take up more space (or maybe less). Envision your goals and really marinate on whether your actions align with the vision you have for your life. Once you find some tangible items, document them the way that works best for you. At some point, consider addressing the unaligned areas in efforts to have a more cohesive plan. 


Know Your Personality

Do you remember taking personality and career tests back in middle and high school? I most certainly do. I am notoriously an even combination of traits for the personality tests while I am typically a mix of many different career options. Let’s just say that was not helpful as a college student trying to pick a major. Nevertheless, I was introduced to 16Personalities last year, and it was a GAME-CHANGER both personally and professionally. For the first time, I felt like a personality test did its job and described me to a tee. If you get the opportunity, be sure to check it out. It can be useful if your current circumstances are more challenging than usual, and it is a good mechanism to use to strategize for the future.


Get Creative

Creativity comes in many forms, and the great thing about being creative is that it has no boundaries. Everybody is creative in their own right. It might be a good time to take some initiative on creating new workflows and processes for your team. On a personal note, consider pursuing a hobby that interests you. The sky is really the limit here. Just do something that sparks joy and positivity.


Foster Relationships

There is no time like the present to reach out to loved ones and colleagues you haven’t talked to in a while. It also may be a good time to consider rekindling a mentor/mentee dynamic that has unintentionally gone dormant. Anyone can appreciate someone taking the time to let them know that they were thinking about them. Making the effort to check in can make the world of difference in someone’s life. Reaching out to new people to let them know you admire their work or to express how they have impacted your life from afar is also a great option. You don’t have to know someone personally to show your appreciation.


Incorporate Wellness Apps

This wouldn’t be a Techlegality post without mention of some tech. Now, more than ever, technology gives us access to a variety of tools and platforms we can use to focus on wellness in our daily lives. Whether you want to start a meditation practice or want to sleep better, there are some great wellness apps like Calm and Headspace that can help you navigate and nourish your day-to-day experiences. As someone who often struggles with sleep, I recently learned that listening to stories on Calm is really helpful in my efforts to create a consistent routine. Headspace is unique in its own right because it provides meditations specifically for work that promote mindfulness. There is also a new “move mode” in Headspace that helps users be more consistent with their workout routines. In my humble opinion, self-care is always a good idea. When we show up for ourselves, we show up even better for others.


If you have some methods you use to positively direct your energy during these unprecedented times, I would love to hear them. 





Victoria! Victoria! I love, love, love, this blog! This just made my day? Night? Morning? It’s 1am - so I’ll just say it made my morning. I was already planning to be creative by looking at new ways to create income. But everything else you talked about from fostering relationships to the personality test is spot on. I think I can go to bed now. Thank you so much for this blog!


Crystal! I am so glad you found some helpful points! Thank you so much!


Victoria, Of course! You’re welcome!

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