Techlegality: Reflection

In true end-of-the-year fashion, I find myself in a time of reflection. Some of my thoughts have centered around my journey as a 2020 Writer in Residence. I remember when I first discovered the Ms. JD platform as a nervous law student. Constantly in search of inspiration, I often found guidance in reading various articles from the blog. As a result, I was elated when the opportunity arose for me to serve as a columnist. Never in a million years could I have anticipated that this experience would coincide with one of the most notable years in modern history.

As someone who is at the beginning stages of my career, I wanted my posts to offer some insight into areas of the law that were not as apparent to me when I was deciding which direction to take upon entering the profession. I wanted to serve as a resource for people seeking guidance. I wanted to offer a different perspective from what I experienced most commonly in the profession.

When I look back over this year, overall, I think I accomplished most of my intentions as it pertains to this column. The way those intentions were accomplished, however, did not necessarily happen how I imagined. Instead of following a specific outline, I decided to make an effort to incorporate the legal aspects of technology with what was happening in the world at that particular juncture. Whether we all were experiencing a “new normal” as the global pandemic changed our routines, whether our cities were experiencing civic unrest due to social injustice, whether we lost a trailblazer, or whether new social disparities were discovered, I quickly recognized that the intersection of technology and law will continue to play a vital role in shaping the society in which we live.

This year reminded me of what a privilege it is to be legally-trained. We possess the unique ability to navigate unexpected situations by identifying issues and offering helpful solutions – even when unprecedented like this year and the technology space. It is my hope, much like I was advised and guided as a law student reading the Ms. JD blog, that someone was positively impacted by something I wrote. I hope that someone was able to gain some helpful insight. I hope that someone considers learning more about the career options within law and technology. I am thankful for this opportunity, and I will continue to work to leave anything I touch better than I found it.

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