The 5 Best Ways To Build Your Reputation As A Lawyer

Lawyers live on their reputations. Have a good reputation as a lawyer and you can pretty well write your own check. Have a spotty or unclear reputation and people are not going to know what to make of you. Entire practices have had to shutter themselves in the past due to not having the kind of solid reputation that successful firms have been able to hang their hat on. Today we are going to explore some of the ways that everything from clever advertising to strategic HR can be used to build your reputation.


Strong Advertising

One thing that lawyers are known for above all else is for their advertising chops. Lawyers compete with one another for as much advertising space as possible. Still, blanket advertising alone is not enough to make a difference. Your ads must also be clever in some way that appeals to the masses. You may decide to use pop culture references or clever turns of phrase that help make your advertisements something that people actually end up remembering. The most important thing is that it has to be something that people have not seen in the past.


Always Keep Your Word

Your word is your bond when you are practicing the law or really in any other aspect of life as well. The person who can keep their word through thick and thin is the person who earns the respect of the world. However, a lot of people have great difficulty with this and end up not always doing what they have told people they are going to do. If you head down that path for very long as an attorney your reputation will be ruined. Lying plays into stereotypes about lawyers that you do not want to be involved with.


Learn Some New Skills

Your approach should be one in which you are always learning new things. The more skills that you develop as a person the better your reputation will grow overall. People like to hire an attorney that they imagine has a lot of talent and is always working on personal development. It is recommended that any serious attorney looking to build his or her reputation also consider working on building up those critical skills that will keep them relevant in the marketplace.


Use Human Resources Methods That Work

An attorney often has a support staff working with them as well. These staff members help do everything from answer phone calls to prepare legal documents for court. They all deserve to be treated fairly, and that means bringing in human resources practices that are embraced by the general public because they are so effective.


Consider looking heavily into how your HR is currently working and how you might be able to update it for today's day and age. You just might be surprised by how many options there are out there.


Look And Act The Part

You have to dress like a lawyer to earn the reputation of a lawyer. No one is going to have faith in the person who can't even pull it together enough to look like an attorney in the way that they dress and hold themselves. You should invest in some good professional clothing so that you can bring in as many clients as possible.


Body language is another important part of your presentation says Forbes. You need to convey that you have the authority and that you know what you are doing in terms of the practice of the law. People like their attorneys to be very forward and outgoing kinds of people. If you are not naturally that way, to begin with then you will want to take some time to work on that. You might think that this is a minor thing that you don't really have to worry about, but that is not the case. You need to focus on all aspects of your presentation if you want your reputation to be what it needs to be.

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