The Best Career Advice I’ve Been Given: Watch Your Feet

I’m clumsy by nature. Not the cute clumsy, where you fall into a handsome man’s arms, but the stub your toe and break it kind of clumsy. 

I quickly found that I could either live in steel-toed boots or watch my feet as I walked. My favorite summer sandals don’t come in steel-toed options, so down I look.

Growing up, this was my parents’ greatest annoyance. They would take me to an art museum, and I would stare at my feet, to the beach, and I would stare at my feet, to a beautiful view, and I would stare at my feet. I’ve missed out on so many moments from staring at my own darn feet.

In high school, my psychology teacher, in a last-ditch effort to make us pay attention, shared interesting facts of the day. Needless to say, it almost never worked. But one day, he taught us that your feet point naturally point towards those who you are most attracted to. If you pay attention, you can see who others around you are interested in, and if you turn your attention towards yourself, your own desires become clear. Now, this was helpful psychology. 

Sure, I found cute boys, but it also helped me determine my innermost desires, beyond my classroom crushes. By learning to discern where I naturally felt drawn to, I learned to detect my interests and trust my instincts. That is the best career advice I have ever received.

At the intersection of your passions, your vocation is yet to be discovered. The path may wander, but along the way, you will gather skills and interests that will serve you later. There are many ways to attain your goals, and the backroads, detours, and bumps along the way will only make you a more seasoned traveler and qualified professional. 

The legal field is littered with professionals from all backgrounds; healthcare, engineering, social work, and more. Whether your experience derives from your education, profession, upbringing or hobbies, your exploring will make you uniquely qualified for the careers you want the most.

So, look down at your feet, and don’t mind where others are headed. Your path is unique and your story is unlike any other. Follow your own path and make a new one where one hasn’t been forged before. 

Enjoy the view along the way, but don’t forget to watch your feet too.


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