The best career advice I’ve ever received

I recently heard someone say that the three things they were looking for in a job was to feel maximized, compensated and appreciated. Thinking about it, I found this very true for myself and you might as well too.

Knowing what your expectations are about a job is crucial to be able to find the right fit for you. Also, when you start feeling unsatisfied, this way you can identify the reasons and even do something about it. These three areas seem to cover our basic needs when it comes to professional goals.

Maximized means you want all your knowledge and skills to be used. Liz Gilbert said that when you have a talent that you don’t use, eventually it is going to start hurting. You gained all that knowledge and experience to be utilized and so they should be. Make sure your employer knows about all your skills beforehand - you should include everything that could relate to the job in your CV. You should be conscious about what skills do you want to use and what are less important to you and communicate it clearly. Sensing that you should be higher up with all your skills unused can lead to a bad feeling about your current job.

Compensated should not require any further explanation. We all have bills to pay, even if we are in a fortunate situation where money is not the single most important factor, it will always be there when we decide about taking a job. When you feel under-compensated – either to your standards or compared to others in the industry – you will essentially be unsatisfied with your job.

Appreciated is a whole different story. Although many argue whether money makes you happy or not, it is most definitely not all you need to be happy. When you don’t feel that the job you are doing makes any difference to anybody, it can leave you feel less motivated. Worse, when you sense that the colleague who doesn’t make any effort is valued just the same as you who puts in all the hard work, that could question the worth of your role itself. The signs of appreciation we look for might differ for everyone, but it’s something we all long for in life including our jobs.

This can actually be perceived as a three legged stool. On the long run, you need all three to remain fully content with a job. Lacking just one may not lead to quitting immediately, but certainly can start a process. The decision then will be whether you can find what you’re missing right where you are or you need to look elsewhere. But that might be the topic for another post.

What is it that you need to feel content with a job? Have you ever left a job for one of these reasons? Let me know in the comments.


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