The Job Search

The job search. It is a scary and exciting time for me.

I have been lucky with my job search post-graduation. I applied for and was accepted into a 8 month fellowship, which ends in February next year. Further, I applied for a full time position as a Community Organizer, and have the position until at least next fall, contingent on funding.  

In the meantime, I continue to apply for state positions (my applications are being reviewed) and identifying legal fellowships. There are three legal fellowships with deadlines of December 31, January 15, and April 2017. I am applying for all three, and hope to at least be offered an interview. Provided all goes well, I will be taking and passing the bar in summer 2017, and starting a new job, whether as a fellow in September 2017 or starting a state job beforehand. 

I have another option in mind, contingent on passing the bar, but that will not be happening until at least 2018.

I am looking forward to what the end of the year will bring, as well as the joys and excitement that await my family and I in 2017.

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