The Number One Piece Of Career Advice I Have Received

The number one piece of career advice I have received is “to take a vacation.” A long time practicing attorney once told me that when changing jobs within the legal field, you should take the time and go on that big vacation you have been dreaming about. He told me that when agreeing to the new start date, you give yourself plenty of time to go somewhere. Essentially, make sure there is plenty of time between the end date and the new start date to take a vacay. He told me this is essential for two reasons: 1) As a young attorney you will likely not have the ability to go on any vacation that lasts more than a long weekend. Even if you are fortunate enough to take some time off, it is likely you could be working during that trip. He stated that the time in between two jobs is the perfect occasion to take a trip and completely unplug from work. Which brings me to his second reason for the advice: 2) When starting at a new job you obviously want to give a fantastic first impression. He stated that people can tell how rested and eager people are when they first begin. The last thing anyone would want would be to show up already drained or burnt out from your previous job. For whatever the reason, you have decided to change jobs and it is likely that your old job will still in “in your head” when you start your new job. So, go on vacation, and clear your mind and spirit for the next working adventure! He told me that while this may not seem like the most common of career advice, it will pay off in the long run; because every job starts at the beginning no matter what position you have, and starting off refreshed and ready can help you get further ahead faster, versus playing catchup trying to motivate yourself.

 Many young associates struggle with how to tell your frim that your work-life balance actually matters to you, but also wish to achieve as much as possible. This piece of advice is the perfect happy-medium for self-care. He also told me to not quit my job just to go on a vacation, but rather carve the time out when I am in control of the time I have off, and utilize it to its maximum. 

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