The Process for Applying to Prestigious Firms

Step 1. Preparing to Apply for a Job with a Prestigious Firm

Clean up your social media accounts. Open your social media accounts and clean them up. If they see you with an alcoholic drink or supporting controversial positions, they may walk.

Be a top performer. Prestigious firms want top performers. Your performance in school, prior jobs, and volunteer positions will all be scrutinized.

Personality matters. Firms are not looking for people who stand out; they are looking for team players. They like people who are humble, energetic, and enthusiastic about whatever they are asked to do.

Step 2. Understand what Prestigious Firms are Looking for in Your Resume.

Top tier schools are far and few. Prestigious firms are looking for candidates who have graduated in the top 10 percent from an Ivy League school.

A high GPA counts. You might as well put it on your resume because they're going to ask for it. High SAT and ACT math scores also count. Strong math scores indicate someone who can think logically and analytically.

Proven people and leadership skills are important. You will not be isolated in an office working alone, so your ability to work with others and assume a leadership role is very important.

Career achievements are necessary. If you have been employed, list positive outcomes rather than just your responsibilities. If available, give statistics, percentages, or other quantifiable measures.

Seek assistance when you need it. The resume is your introduction to a recruiter. It is the most important document you will prepare in this employment journey. Companies like EmploymentBoost are available and happy to assist you.

Step 3. Decide What Type of Firm You Wish to Work For.

What type of firm are you interested in? Do you want to work for a top-tier firm with offices around the world? Or are you interested in a simple lifestyle with a local firm and time for the family?

Step 4. Select Companies That Fit Your Desired Company Profile.

Following are a few well-recognized lists of top companies to work for in the United States to help with this process:

  • Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work for in 2018
  • Glassdoor Best Companies to Work For
  • Forbes Best Companies to Work for 2018
  • Fortune Best Companies to Work for 2018
  • The Best Law Firms to Work For In American (2018) - Biglaw
  • The Vault 100 Rankings: The Most Prestigious Law Firms in America (2018)

Step 5. Which Companies are a Good Fit?

Once your personal list is complete, research whether the companies you have chosen offer positions that match your skill set and your educational background.

Step 6. Compare the Options.

Compare the following items for each employer:

  • What is the work environment like?
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Bonuses and other Perks
  • Opportunities to advance
  • Office location

Step 7. Spend Time Getting to Know Each Firm.

  • Follow and "like" their social media sites.
  • Connect with them on LinkedIn.
  • Sign up for their newsletter.
  • Sign up for any lectures or webinars they offer.
  • Read publications by partners of the firm.
  • Look for news articles about the firm. Have they been part of any high-profile news events?

You will be getting to know everything you can about the firms while you also put your name out on their web space. Perhaps if they monitor who is linking, liking, and signing up for their newsletter and webinars, they will already know your name.

Step 8: Apply.

When you are comfortable with your research, interview preparation, and choices of firms, it's time to put in applications.

  • Carefully read all correspondence received.
  • Respond as requested by the deadline you're given.
  • Calendar appointments.
  • Dress for success.
  • Answer questions asked without volunteering information.


Take a deep breath knowing you have done all the preparation you can. You are ready for interviews. You can finally relax and wait for the future you have been training for to present itself to you.

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