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The Top Five Reasons to Attend Ms. JD’s Superwomen JDs Conference on February 19!

Ms. JD looks forward to welcoming attendees from across the country to its 8th Annual Conference on Women in the Law: Superwomen JDs, on Friday, February 19th at NYU School of Law.  Registration and speaker information is available here.  

For those that are wondering why people continue to travel each year to Ms. JD’s annual conference, below are the top five reasons that you HAVE to attend this year’s conference.

1.  Diversity: Ms. JD is focused on supporting women in the law, but recognizes that gender is only a part of what impacts women’s experiences.  At the conference, you will see diversity in terms of gender (yes men are included and welcomed!) and in many other aspects such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, location, schools and so on.  Ms. JD will expand upon the discussion of multiple identities held at last year’s conference and open the conference activities with a session focused on “intersectionality” and “covering,” critical topics in the diversity discussion.

2.  Dynamic Speakers:  From those that have conquered the professional world to those just getting started, you will hear from a diverse range of speakers.  The conference speakers include Aisha Christian, who worked through biglaw, several in-house positions and is now General Counsel at Rent the Runway, and Matt Brinkerhoff, who founded and has managed a boutique law firm specializing in civil rights, among other areas, for decades.

During lunch, Ms. JD will welcome Anna Maria Chavez, CEO of Girl Scouts, as a Key Note speaker. Vivia Chen, Chief Blogger at The Careerist and Senior Columnist at The American Lawyer, will provide a Key Note speech at the Ms. JD Honors reception, along with presentations from the Ms. JD Honors award recipients.

3.  Inspiration:  It takes more than coffee to stay inspired in the law.  Behind every exciting court case are hundreds of hours of research, document review, coffee runs and maybe a meltdown (or two).

Stay inspired along this journey by reminding yourself of the success stories – law students and lawyers who are going into the classroom or office every day and having the time of their lives.  Ms. JD’s conference has all the inspiration you need – from the amazing Ms. JD Honors award recipients to the “Mindfulness” session that will help you retain and refresh your sanity and purpose while unleashing your Superwoman JD powers.

Oh, and we'll do it all while having a lot of FUN!  Come see why Ms. JD's unofficial tag line is "Not Your Mother's Legal Organization." 

4.  Practical Guidance:  You will leave the conference not only inspired but also with practical guidance and examples on critical professional development issues.  From the law school panel that builds upon Ms. JD’s Acing Law School ebook and webcast, to the “Superpowers” panel filled with networking and branding experts, attendees will be provided with numerous career resources. 

5.  Networking:   Social media has provided lawyers with new ways to connect, but it hasn’t eliminated the power of an in-person connection.  For all those coffee/lunch dates you cancelled at the last minute and cocktail receptions that you never even planned to attend, the Ms. JD conference is a chance at networking redemption.  And you will even enjoy it.  Seriously!

Also, attorneys, Ms. JD is seeking CLE credit!

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