Things I Wish I Knew Before Law School

Final Exams
When you are in college students grades are made up of several different factors including homework, generally 3-4 exams, projects, essays, presentations and sometimes attendance. This is great because it gives you a cushion if and when you do poor on an exam, there are other things you can do to get your grade back up before the semester ends. this is not the case. Before law school there was generally several test all usually with equal weight on your grade. When you are in law school, the majority of your grade in a class is based around your score one one single final exam. This usually stresses many students out but you just need to understand the expectations and be prepared for it when it comes. 

The IRAC Method
It is a crucial skill as a lawyer to know how to analyze facts from a legal perspective, you will want to practice this some much that it becomes natural to you. The most common method for analyzing facts is the IRAC method which stands for issue, rule, analysis and conclusion. This includes identifying the issue as a set of facts, then find the correct rule that applies to those facts. Your analysis should be straightforward once these issues are outlined, your conclusion should naturally come from your analysis. Don’t make the mistake of focusing only on a single word or group of facts, practice looking at the bigger picture and its implications. Have this practiced and be decent at this process on day one.

Take Care of your Tool
One of the worst but most common mistakes that students make is that they harm their most important tool, their brain. Students too often see their brain as a tool that they can use like a hammer, it is always able to be used and always effective. Our minds are less like a tool and more like a delicate engine, it is highly advanced but if it is not cared for it quickly gets lets helpful. Make sure and keep your mind sharp by eating healthy, getting a lot of sleep and especially getting plenty of exercise. Frequent exercise has been to shown to have the same impact on the brain as antidepressant medication. You will want to look into a gym membership, weights or even looking into affordable inground pool prices.

You set the pace 
There are lots of things about law school that are difficult to know until you are there, it is important to start of the semester doing well. The student who is behind the schedule of the professor is subject to his timeline. But if you read ahead, then the professor is subject to your timeline and it will alleviate so much stress from you.

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