Three Ways to Dial Down the Overwhelm in 2019

Are you feeling like there’s just not enough time in the day?  

Do you ever feel like you’re plowing through your to-do list, running around like a hamster on a wheel, juggling so many things that you can’t get it all done?  It’s so frustrating trying to keep up with everything and balance it all.  

Here are three key ways to chip away at the overwhelm this year so you can start feeling less hectic, more productive, more organized, and have more time for the people and things that are important to you.

  1. Find your biggest obstacle(s). Often, there are a few things that cost lots of time, which means if you can address those things, you can make a big dent in your overwhelm. Keep your radar up for things that tend to suck up a big chunk of time during your week, that really don’t need to be done or aren’t worth the time they’re costing you.
  2. Move beyond your to-do list. Writing things down on a list only shows you what you have to do – it doesn’t help you get it done, or help you plan out how it will get done. You’ll just end up with a list of undone to-dos that make you feel stressed and like a failure every day when you can’t check all those boxes. You need a better system for getting things done. (We’ll talk about that very soon.)
  3. Check your “yes” reflex. It’s so easy in the moment to say yes to things without really stopping to consider the time they will take and whether or not they are worth spending that time. It can just feel easier to say “yes” than “no” but that “yes” can cost you big time.

This is the year when you finally start to tackle those things that are keeping you stuck in overwhelm. I just know it. So get excited, because this coming Tuesday, January 8th, I have a big announcement for you. It’s finally time to get you out of that never-enough-time, hamster-on-a-wheel place. I can’t wait to share something new that I’ve created for you to help you finally get to that wonderful, magical, balanced, organized, focused, productive place we both you know can find.

Talk to you on Tuesday!

PS – These three steps will get you started on reducing overwhelm, but be sure to stay tuned on Tuesday January 8th, because I have big news that’s going to be a game-changer for you!

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