Timeline for Prepping for Law School

UCLA Law Dean Robert Schwartz stated that preparing and getting recommendations for law school should begin at a minimum of twelve months prior to applications submission. Even more people feel that a minimum of two years should be provided in advance of applying because these very critical portions of admissions

Prepare and begin practice tests and ultimately consider taking the LSAT exam early in advance of your applications. Students applying for fall should plan on taking the LSAT exam as of December in the year prior. And for those students who feel they may end up taking the LSAT twice, consider taking the test in Jun or October of the year prior.

At this point, it is time to begin creating necessary user accounts.

  • Set up an LSAC account. Law School Admission Council is the council which administers the LSAT.
  • You will need to create a password and username for the LSAC account.
  • Access the LSAC account and view the calendar for reminders regarding important registration and application deadlines. You can also use this opportunity to buy test preparation materials, learn about the LSAT, and register to take the LSAT and obtain your scores early
  • Using the Credential Assembly Service of LSAC helps in simplifying and streamlining the application process into law school through creation of a report which summarizes each document of your LSAT score and sample of writing, as well as your undergraduate work.
  • From the CAS, the LSAC will report your test results to your chosen law schools which you are choosing to apply.
  • Logging in and making use of CAS is quite simple. After you create the LSAC account, paying the fee and submitting proper documents are fairly straightforward.
  • Be sure the LSAC holds a reportable LSAT score which can be sent off to your schools.
  • Additionally, by providing information regarding the schools which you have attended will mean that they will automatically provide this information to your chosen schools.
  • Send all necessary transcripts to LSAC for submission to the law schools of your choice.
  • Be sure that you have accounted for each of the required recommendation letters and evaluations. Once you have gathered and accounted for all of them, make sure they are provided to LSAC.
  • Pay required fees to be sure your account is properly funded to handle the appropriate tests and application submissions.

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