To me, stronger together means… supporting each other as we define our own success.

Like many of my fellow 1Ls, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed already. And it’s only been a month since the semester began! Not only are we thrown back into the lions’ den of challenging academic courses, but also we have to suffer through the intimidating process of applying and interviewing for summer jobs.

When you spend so much time with your classmates, it is difficult not to compare yourself to others who may have more job opportunities or who already know exactly what career they want to pursue. I find myself struggling with this on a daily basis.

Events like the Stronger Together Conference are the perfect opportunity to remind yourself you’re not alone. I eagerly await the conference to hear from women who have found their calling in the legal field by defining what success means to them. When I feel lost or overwhelmed with school and activities, I will repeat these powerful women’s voices in my head. Conferences like Stronger Together bring women together to support each other while we go through different points in our careers. As I define success for myself, this semester and beyond, I am lucky to have a place to go to for inspiration. I can’t wait to see you all at the Stronger Together Conference in March!

Julia Olivier is a 1L at UC Berkeley Law School. She received her bachelor's degree from the University of Texas at Austin where she majored in Latin American Studies and Plan II Honors. Before law school, she lived abroad for three years, first in Sydney, Australia, then in Madrid, Spain. In her spare time, she enjoys live music.

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