Top 10 Places to Visit on UT Campus

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Of all the incredible places to visit on the University of Texas Campus, it is essential for a visitor to make a special trip to the following top 10 places to truly get the feel for UT and all it has to offer.

1. UT Tower

 As the University’s most distinguishing landmark, the Tower symbolizes academic excellence and personal opportunity. Also, the observation deck offers a view of the entire campus that extends beyond to historic Austin features, like the Texas Capitol.

 2. Football Field- Darrell K. Royal Stadium

Here students amass to cheer on football players as they compete to continue the winning spirit of Longhorn pride.

Fun fact: The current official stadium seating capacity of 100,119 makes the stadium the largest football-only venue by seating capacity in Texas.

3. Red McCombs Business School

The McCombs School of Business is one of the largest business schools in the country with strengths in all major business practices. In the center of the school’s southern courtyard stands Charles Umlauf’s sculpture “The Family Group,” embodying a piece of art that viewers admire.

To see what else McCombs has to offer, visit its website!

4. The Turtle Ponds

The ponds can be found near the Flawn Academic Center and the College of Natural Sciences. The ponds are home to several species of turtles, and on any given day, you can see them swimming around or sun bathing on the rocks.

Visit this site for more information and history behind the Turtle Ponds.  

5. The South Mall or “Six Pack”

This area of campus is officially known as The South Mall but it is often called “The Six Pack” by most UT students because of the six buildings that surround it. On most sunny days you will see students lounging on the grass, doing homework, having lunch, listening to music or just enjoying the day.

6. The Co-Op

UT’s Co-Op is an ideal location for students to purchase their books. The Co-Op also houses collegiate gear and fun longhorn paraphernalia for all ages. Stop by to purchase a souvenir or present and see all the neat things the Co-Op has to offer.

 For those who like to shop online, please click HERE.  

7. Engineering Bridge

A bridge over Dean Keeton offers pedestrians safe passage between the engineering buildings on each side of the busy street. The Cockrell School of Engineering is one the top-rated schools in the country in its undergraduate and graduate programs.

The monumental sculpture “Clock Knot,” found in front of the school, exemplifies the power of public art to transform the university’s landscape.

8. Student Activities Center (SAC)

The SAC is a new addition to UT’s campus. The SAC is a student union building that provides for social, cultural, educational and recreational programs. It also hosts popular food vendors like Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks as well as offers students an enjoyable place to study.

9. Gregory Gym

Gregory gym is the oasis of UT campus. It’s impressive pool provides an escape for students to pretend they are on vacation. Students have access to the many facilities at Gregory Gym including; locker rental, towel service, personal training, rock climbing, adventure trips, outdoor equipment rental, massage service, fitness/wellness passes, intramural sports, and sports clubs.

Visit this site to get started on taking advantage of all that Gregory Gym offers!

10.Perry-Castañeda Library (PCL)

Renowned as a top research library, the PCL houses 2.5 million volumes and a whopping 70 miles of shelving. In all, the university’s 15 libraries hold more than 9 million volumes.

To see a list of other UT libraries and their location, visit their website:

Ashley Darby is a 1L at the University of Texas School of Law. She received her bachelor's degree from University of Texas at Austin where she majored in accounting. She also received her Masters in Professional Accounting from the McCombs School of Business. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching movies, and running.

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