Up Your Chances of Getting a Solid Acceptance into Law School

Consider These Points For Prepping for Law Schoo

  • Consider taking a student government role or apply and write for a school publication. Involvement in student government involves opportunities for leadership, even if the leadership feels like a figurehead position. Writing for a school journal or newspaper can provide valuable writing and critical thinking experience. Because of this, admission's committees often place a high value on such activities as these.
  • Obtain a position of leadership. Whether your organization is a small or a large organization, seeking a position where you will have a larger impact can mean stepping up for leadership. By showing that you are someone that can grab opportunity and take charge to accomplish goals, you will show that you can manage the tasks which are involved in successful law school completion. By seeking and carrying out duties in multiple responsibilities, you will achieve results and show commitment and resolve to the committees.
  • Consider an internship in a law firm or other company offering good opportunities for growth. Internships can familiarize you with law firm activities and relevant marketing, operational, business and legal considerations that are valuable to introduce professionals into your life whose mentorship and legal advice can greatly benefit you in your preparation for law school.
  • It is not necessary that your internship occur in a law firm. Consider internships in other fields that are related like community activism groups, government bodies, or within the field of journalism.
  • Naturally, internships in a law office sound excellent, yet if your position was a glorified receptionist answering phones, making coffee, and preparing minutes for meetings, then you will lack the kind of substance that you can address in you applications.
  • Search out the kind of internships which are available online and at your undergraduate university. Many sites exist which help pre-law students obtain meaningful internships to get their feet wet in the field of law.

Keep the law school prep timeline in mind. Planning ahead is extremely important in prepping for law school acceptance and entrance. You must think about getting excellent grades, attending activities and obtaining internships, but you should also be considering the deadlines and requirements that individual law schools require in their application processes.

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